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 I would like the opportunity to play Google Play music and Amazon Music.
Great product. Thank you!
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MikeMike (Bose) 
Hello Takenopow,

These music services are not yet available from the SoundTouch app, but if you have an Apple device running iOS 7 or newer, or Mac computer with OSX 10.8 or newer, you can use AirPlay to hear any audio those devices could normally play.  More music services will be added to the app in the future as well.  Thank you for the suggestion.

Google Cast or Google Play Music Support

Will the Soundtouch series eventually get decent Android music streaming support through Google Cast? Or have Google Music support.

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Michael FMichael F (Bose) 
Hello seven2k,

That is a great recommendation and we will mark this thread as a feature request for better visibility to the development team. We are constantly looking to add more services to the system, so stay tuned for updates in the future!

Thanks again.

HI , 

 Is anyone know which floor stand support Virtually Invisible 300 Wireless Surround Speakers? Is UFS-20 Series I or II universal floorstands support this model or any suggestion. I need floors stand about  Height: 35" ~40". Thanks 
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The Bose UFS-20 Series II universal floor stands will work with them according to Bose USA.
In the next update, could you include an option so that an external drive could simply be plugged into a USB port and played through the Soundtouch?

And I seem to have gained three options for "My Music Library" (one that reflects music held on my laptop and the other two for NAS) and "Home Hub 2000".  How can I delete anything that I don't use

Many thanks
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We'll definitely make a note of the feature request.  

If the app sees any devices on your home network, they'll be available to be added as a music library.  If they've been added already, they can be removed through Explore > Settings > Music Services > Music Library on NAS > Select the library > Remove Music Library.
Hi there

I love my QC35. It works like a charm with my Android Nexus 5X. However, I have a blocker issue if I use it with my Windows 10 PC (HP Spectre x360, which supports Bluetooth 4.0).
Pairing works, it is yet not as straightforward as with my Android phone.
Yes I have selected the right option in the Bluetooth settings, i.e. "headset" and not "multimedia device". I had to repeat several time. Once paired, listening to music works mostly fine – in stereo mode.
The problem arises when I try to perform a call. The problem is the same with any program, Skype, Skype For Business, Skype Preview or my Softphone (Bria). I can hear the counterpart, but they can only hear a really loud static noise. I tried an Echo / sound test service with Skype, and the recorded sound is exactly as my counterpart described. I can record and attach it if you want.
I have update all drivers, soundcard, Bluetooth, I have updated from Windows 10 to Windows 10 Anniversary update, and I have update the QC35 from 1.0.3 to 1.06. Nothing helps. I have tried all possible setting configuration, remove the Bluetooth device, added it again etc. Still static noise.
It is clearly as software issue since the Headset works fine otherwise.

I need help from Bose.

Thank you and best regards

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HP support investigated the issue on my computer. It is hardware related. HP sent me  new Intel Wireless chip (combining Wifi and Bluetooth). I had to open the laptop and replace the chip on the motherboard.  This procedure unfortunetely did not resolve the issue :(.

There is nothing I can do without sending the latop back for repair. 

As an alternative HP recommends to buy a Bluetooth USB-key  / dongle.

I'm not sure yet if I will send it for repair. It's a laptop I sue for work and I cant just live without it for several weeks.

So I gues no QC35 :(

I want to know if there is a feature to pair 2 soundtouch devices in the same room and get a stereo sound?

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GeorgeGeorge (Bose) 

Hi ablasco, 

SoundTouch does not have a feature like this. Since you posted in the Experiences and Feature requests section, your suggestion has visibility to our developers for the future.

Thanks for the feedback.

Wave SoundTouch music system におけるIPアドレスについてですが、

また、IPアドレスは自動のアドレスではなく固定した、例えば にしたいのですが可能であればその設定方法を教えてください。

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1. Soundtouchで設定する
開いた画面の左下 "詳細設定" を開きます。
"DHCP" を "静的IP" にすれば、固定IPの設定が入力出来るようになります。

2. 自宅のルータで設定する


1. と 2. であれば、2.の方がおススメです。
I have been using my Soundtouch20 device and my phone as well for more than 2 years. They was working perfectly together.
But now, since I had to update the SoundTouch application on my phone, the touchscreen does not work at all under the current version of the app. No sence at all. I am using a Samsung GT-9505, and the Android vercion is 4.3.
Can I go back to a previous Soundtouch app version?
Or what should I do?
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BrentBrent (Bose) 
Hi all, 

This fix is now live via an automatic update. Please let us know if you have any additional questions. 

Thank you 
Hallo liebe/r Community / Bose Support.

Wie andere Anbieter für Netzwerkboxen es schon seit langer Zeit vormachen, sollte die Bose Soundtouch App eine Wecker / Sleeptimer Funktion enthalten.
Dazu sollte ich nicht nur die Bose Soundwave für 800 Euro kaufen müssen.
So eine Appfunktion sollte auch ohne weiteres mit einer ST10-30 nutzbar sein. Vor allem, da es ein reines App Feature wäre und kein Systemupdate der Soundtouch Boxen benötigen sollte.
Ansonsten würde ich den Kauf der 2 ST10 und der ST30 doch etwas bereuen.
Da so etwas bei allen anderen Netzwerkboxen ein Standardfeature ist, bin ich davon ausgegangen, dass Bose diese Funktion auch bietet.
Hoffentlich wird es dazu noch ein Upate der App geben, denn ich wollte eigendlich nicht extra eine Sonos 1 als Wecker kaufen müssen. Eine Soundwave für 800 Euro sehe ich da nicht wirklich als Alternative.

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Neue App ist fertig für IOS
mit weck und sleeptimer

„My Controller für BOSE SoundTouch Geräte“ von Christoph Koras

viel spass
Hi Everyone-
I am wanting to upgrade my house to be a wi-fi music house.

Have been considering Bose Soundtouch vs. Sonos.

At the moment, Sonos has a leg up-- they sell a "Sonos Connect" that turns your exisiting home theater system/receiver into a "sonos speaker".

I see that Bose has a Soundtouch Amp, but do they have something similar to the Sonos Connect that would allow me to use my existing 5-speaker Bose system and receiver setup?

My 5-speaker setup includes some in ceiling Bose speakers, so I don't want to have to start over and get a entire new Bose head unit that has the Soundtouch option.

Is there a work around out there?

Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions?


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